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Posted by Daniel Jones on Nov 12, 2019 8:30:00 AM

The importance of reading Clayton property tax reduction consultant reviews before hiring said professional cannot be overemphasized. While checking the client references and interviewing each tax advisor on your shortlist are a must, you will likely start making your shortlist by checking these reviews.  Here are tips in where to find and how to use these reviews for your own good, particularly in choosing the best Clayton property tax reduction consultant that will increase your chances for a successful assessment appeal. 

Why Read the Reviews

There are several reasons to read these reviews including:

  • Finding the property tax reduction advisors in your area. Keep in mind that you want to work with a tax consultant who actually knows the rules and regulations in the county, as well as know the people and process of the appeal.
  • Making a shortlist of the best property tax reduction consultants from among those in your area. Reading the reviews, especially reading between the lines, will provide an insight into the personal experiences of the clients with the tax advisors.
  • Making comparisons between your personal expectations and the actual services rendered by the tax advisors. You have to look at the unique circumstances of your case and find the tax advisor that can address them. You may, for example, own a motel complex so your best bet in a tax advisor is one with comprehensive experience and good track record in commercial property assessment appeal.

Suffice it to say that the information you can get from reading the Clayton property tax reduction consultant reviews will contribute to your chances of a winning appeal. 

Where to Find the Reviews

The following are the best places to find these reviews:

  • Yelp, an online search and review site, is the best source of reviews about reliable tax advisors. Just type in key phrases like “property tax reduction advisor in Georgia” and start reading the results.
  • Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are among the popular social media sites with these reviews, usually because the tax advisors themselves maintain accounts here. The reviews are usually posted on their accounts, as well as the tax advisors’ contact details and address.
  • Industry blogs are also great places to find the reviews. You can ask the site administrators about their personal experiences with the tax advisors, even participate in the forums and message boards.

The Internet is obviously the easiest place to find the reviews. But you will also get word-of-mouth reviews from other property owners in your area.

How to Use the Reviews

Don’t fall for the reviews hook, line and sinker. You will find the Internet to be full of deceptive reviews designed to encourage property owners to hire less-than-reliable tax advisors.

You will likely get more reliable results by:

  • Contacting the reviewer, if possible, to get more details about their personal experiences and outcomes while working with the tax advisors.
  • Verifying the claims made by the reviewers about the tax advisors’ track record, among other matters.
  • Communicating with the tax advisors about the reviews made.

Just as with all types of consumer reviews, you should take the Clayton property tax reduction consultant reviews with a grain of salt. You must verify the claims, interview the tax advisors, and ask for his credentials before making your decision. You will find Fair Assessments, LLC to be a good choice in this regard. 

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