Choosing the Best Cobb County Property Tax Consultant

Posted by Daniel Jones on Nov 2, 2019 3:00:00 PM

Being a property owner can be overwhelming at times regardless of the number of real property in your portfolio. Undoubtedly, the most frustrating aspect is the property taxes because these are inevitable and, more often than not, overstated in comparison to your estimated tax burden.

Fortunately, you can decrease your stress by hiring the best Cobb County property tax consultant.  You will have a tax advocate whose work includes maximizing your tax savings. Your payment of his fees will be offset by the monetary and non-monetary benefits that will come your way. 

Consider the Monetary Aspect

Your first consideration should be the monetary aspect of the property tax consultant’s success. Keep in mind, however, that your investigation into these monetary matters should only be limited to questions relevant to your interests.

A few of these relevant matters include:

  • Relative savings

Don’t be impressed by the numbers being thrown at you by the property tax consultants. You have to dig deeper about the truth behind these numbers since obviously they will want to reel you in as a client.  For example, if a tax consultant says that he has provided more than $1 million in savings for his clients, ask about percentages. If the $1 million savings is only 5% of the potential tax savings, it isn’t enough reason to hire him.

  • Revenue profit savings

Be sure to look at the tax savings in relation to your gross revenue or operating profit for the year. For example, if you want your business’ property tax expenses to be just 2% of your gross operating profit, then you have to compare it with the possible tax payments you will make with a tax consultant on board. In other words, you have to ask yourself, “Will the tax consultant pay for his professional fees, in a manner of speaking, from the savings you will be making?”

More important, you must determine the value that the tax consultant will bring in relation to your target value. If you want to hit the $1 million mark, then the tax consultant should be able to achieve it, even exceed it, in terms of savings to your business.

Factor in the Non-monetary Performance

It isn’t just the money that matters in choosing the best Cobb County property tax consultant for your needs. You should also look into his capacity to file the right tax forms at the right time and in the right government body. You don’t want to end up holding a tax delinquency notice that could have been avoided if only the tax consultant was diligent in his job. 

You should then consider these factors:

  • The track record of the tax consultant, particularly in decreasing the tax burden and winning appeals
  • The specific expertise in the real estate industry, such as a focus on commercial property similar to the ones you own
  • The integrity of the tax consultant, a must considering that hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake, not to mention your business and reputation

You must then do your research and conduct a few interviews before making your decision. It should neither be a rushed decision or a rash choice. 


Once you hired the best Cobb County property tax consultant, you will find it easier to decrease not just your mental stress over taxes but, more importantly, decreasing your annual property tax.

Fair Assessments, LLC is the best property tax consultant in Cobb County! You can’t go wrong with its 30 years of experience in winning appeals and other notable jobs. 

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