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Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 17, 2014 9:04:00 PM

Property tax is a somewhat nebulous concept to a lot of people. Either they’ve never owned property and therefore never had to pay it, or they get the bill every year in July and pay their property taxes in one or two installments, sometime before the end of the year, with a deadline that varies by their location.

Did you know, though, that your property taxes aren’t necessarily fixed? You can actually appeal them if you think they are too high. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of how property values are assessed and taxed by your local government.

Who Is the Tax Assessor?

Your county has a tax assessor’s office. This office is responsible for sending out appraisers to make assessments of the real estate in your county. That’s why, in the months between January and April, you’ll see people you don’t know in your neighborhood, knocking on your door to tell you that they’re taking some information about your property and other properties in the area for a tax assessment.

The person who comes to your door may be an employee of the assessor’s office, or they may be a contracted appraiser. You can find out what companies the Hall County tax assessor works with by visiting their website or giving them a call.

Any legitimate appraiser sent to your house by the Hall County tax assessor will not ask to gain entry into your home. They will be able to take all of the photos and measurements they need from the outside of the house. They may ask you a few questions, but if you feel uncomfortable, you can answer these questions through your locked door. That’s right; you don’t even have to open or unlock the door.

Hall County Tax Assessor

What Is the Tax Assessor Looking For?

When the Hall County tax assessor’s office sends an appraiser to your home, they’ll be looking at specific features and elements of your home and area. Do you have the nicest, largest house on the block? This will mean that your property taxes are higher than your neighbors’. Is your yard smaller than most of your neighbors’? This should lower your property tax a bit.

Appraisers have a few things that they specifically look for, and the process is very regimented. That being said, there is some leeway, allowing for the appraisers to use their own best judgment in some cases. For example, the appraiser will judge your property’s curb appeal based on their own experience and the curb appeal of your neighbors’ homes.

If you’re home when the appraiser arrives, you might want to walk your property with them. That way you can point out imperfections and flaws in the property that could detract from its value. Some appraisers will look at a large, attractive house and miss that there’s a problem with the foundation or that the front yard is a swamp, full of mosquitoes.

Get to know your appraiser and the Hall County assessor, and you’ll get to know what they look for when they assess your property for the year’s tax rates. That way, you might even be able to appeal for lower property taxes and save money.

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