Residential Property Tax Appeal Options

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 24, 2013 11:33:00 AM

Property Tax Appeal Options

You asked for the best and you got it! Property tax appeal options. In our continuing efforts to be the property tax appeal resource center we have established several options for single family residential property tax appeals. We know that some of you don't have the time or resources to develop a property tax appeal case and aren't all motivated by the same cost/benefit profile. As a result of numerous inquires on what we charge, and the desire for other payment options, we now have four different single family residential tax appeal services options.

For those that are averse to contingent fees because you dont know, ultimately, how much you will pay, we now have a Gold Level flat fee option. For a one-time $350 fee Fair Assessments will perform the work it is known for. Regardless of tax savings generated there are no additional fees (unless you want to file your appeal to court).

For those that like the idea of paying a smaller up-front fee, and only more if you get significant tax savings, we now have two different Silver Level contingent fee options. Our traditional option is $250 up-front and 25% of the tax savings generated. Our new contingent fee option is $175 up-front and 35% of the tax savings generated. This will give some of you additional incentive to let the professionals handle this for you.

For homeowners that like to "DIY" there is a do-it-yourself option. The Bronze Level is a market data support service, where we provide you with comparable sales and assessments that support a lower tax assessment. We provide you with this information for $99, but it is up to you to actually file the appeal, negotiate with the county appraiser, and attend the Board of Equalization hearing if you find it necessary.

This is the result of much thought and some hesitation. These appeal options will be available for tax year 2013 only. If one of the new options is very popular we will probably keep it around. If one or more options are not given much consideration, then they probably won't be available for tax year 2014. We will continue to roll with the changes and continue providing you with the information you need to file a successful property tax appeal.

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