Fulton Tax Assessors

Posted by Daniel Jones on Jun 10, 2012 3:55:00 PM

Fulton Tax Assessors

There is still time to appeal your valuation notice from the Fulton Tax Assessors. The deadline to appeal is June 28. The Fulton tax assessors usually receive more property tax appeals than any other county in the Atlanta metropolitan area. They are currently still working on their 2011 appeals as well as court cases from prior years. There is hope that they will get to their 2012 assessment appeals sometime soon so that this property tax appeal season doesn't drag on well into 2013.

As a former manager for the Fulton Tax Assessors, I know about the volume of appeals they get. Every appeal form or letter is put into a separate file for every real estate parcel appealed. Each appeal is logged into the computer system. This process, by itself, is very time-consuming. With a large number of appeals being filed in the last week, you can bet that many of the appeal folders that are given to the appropriate appraiser won't even be completed until the end of July. If you try to talk to the appropriate appraiser about your property tax appeal they may tell you that they don't have the appropriate file to work with you.

Later this summer will be a good time to try and contact the appraiser that works for the Fulton tax assessors to discuss your tax assessment appeal and try to work out a value. If you can't agree on a value with the Fulton appraiser then in all likelihood, you will be waiting for a Board of Equalization hearing sometime later this year. Perhaps your 2012 property tax appeal will be settled in 2012, perhaps not.

If you would like to put your 2012 Fulton tax assessors appeal in good hands, contact us.

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