Are You Paying the Right Amount for Your Fulton County Property Tax?

Posted by Daniel Jones on Mar 22, 2019 10:38:00 AM

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In fact, when you pick up the mail and see there’s a bill in there for you, don’t you sometimes look at it with a scowl on your face and a feeling of disgust because you’re like, and who’s after my money now? You’re not alone. That’s how many of us feel.Receiving a bill in the mail isn’t usually the highlight of your day

There’s not really any way to get through life without having to pay bills. It’s part of adulthood. So, don’t you think it’s important for you to make sure that the amount you’re being asked to pay on a bill is the correct one, and that it reflects what you actually owe?

Most of us see a bill, look at the amount and maybe the date that it’s due by, and then toss it aside, without giving much thought to where that amount came from. What if that amount is wrong? What if you could rightfully and legally lower the amount that you owe on that bill? Well, sometimes when you get your Fulton County Property Tax bill, you can.

Reasons You Might Want to Take a Closer Look at Your Fulton County Property Tax Assessment Notice and Bill

So let’s just be clear here. What we’re saying is that your property tax bill could be wrong. You might be getting billed more than what you should have been because your property was assessed at a value that’s higher than what the value of the property actually is. Let’s look at some reasons for why this might be the case.

An exemption wasn’t applied when it should have been. Some exemptions make it where your taxes are only assessed on a portion of the property’s value. If an exemption that you were expecting to be applied either doesn’t get applied or falls of your file somehow, then the amount of property tax you’ll be billed will be higher than it’s supposed to be.

The assessor’s data does not match the actual details of the property. You can go to the town hall and request to see the property card that contains the details of your property that the assessor has on file. If you get your Fulton County Property Tax notice in the mail, and you see that the amount is higher than you were expecting, you should check out what information the assessor has for your property that he used to make your property value determination. Sometimes the data will be incorrect, so it’s important for you to point that out to the Assessors’ Office if you find this to be true for your property.

A simple clerical error could have occurred. The information regarding your property is entered into the system by a human hand. Human hands sometimes create errors accidentally. One small mis-stroke could cause a big change when it comes to the amount of y our Fulton County Property Tax bill. This is something that needs to be addressed, so if you see that your bill is higher than you were expecting, then you will want to bring this to the attention of the Assessors’ Office.

You’ve Determined That Your Fulton County Property Tax Is Too High, Now What?

Now it’s time to take action. You need to file an appeal with the Assessors’ Office so that your file can be looked at and corrected in the case that something does turn out to be wrong.

To file an appeal with Fulton County, you can go to the assessor’s website and use the online filing system. You’ll have to enter information about yourself and your property. You’ll also be able to upload and attach any necessary supporting documentation needed to prove your claims. You don’t want to submit your appeal until you’ve added everything that you plan to attach to accompany your application for the appeal. If you submit the application without the supporting documents, you will likely cause a lot of delay in a process that already can take quite a bit of time. Once you submit your appeal, you’ll be provided with a filing ID number. You can use that number to check the status of your appeal online and for referencing your case anytime you might need to call about it.

You can also choose to file your appeal manually. You’ll mail your package through to the office with all of the supporting documentation and an appeal form that you can download from the website. This is acceptable too, but Fulton County encourages people to use the online portal as it is much more efficient, and you can easily track your appeal as it goes through the process. If you file manually, you won’t be able to access your appeal online.

You may not file your appeal through email or by fax. The two methods above are your only options.

Experts Are Helpful

You can certainly file your appeal by yourself. It’s not something you have to have representation for, but you would be doing yourself a favor by finding an expert to help you with your appeal. Professionals who have a lot of experience in this area know what things you need to attach to make sure your appeal makes it through the process as smoothly as possible.

Preparing for your appeal can be pretty tedious and time consuming, especially if you find yourself having to do a lot of research into what you need to gather and what you should expect. Having an expert to work on your side for you takes the pain out of the process and saves you a lot of time. Plus, a professional who is well-versed in Fulton County Property Tax assessment appeals can help you increase the chance you have at coming out of the process with a successful result.

To get help with your Fulton County Property Tax assessment appeal, call Fair Assessments, LLC today and talk to an expert in all things property assessment and appeal.

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