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Posted by Daniel Jones on May 15, 2020 9:43:00 AM

Every year, homeowners in Gwinnett County receive an assessment of their property value. This assessment notification provides them information about the overall value of their home, as well as the taxable value. For many, the taxable value is the most important information, because this allows them to know whether their property taxes will increase or decrease during the coming year. 

Those who feel their assessment is too high can appeal property tax in hopes of reducing their assessed value and ultimately lowering the amount of money that they need to pay in taxes.

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How to Appeal Property Tax in Gwinnett County

There are several steps involved in appealing property tax in Gwinnett County. Here is what residents need to know:

  • Property tax appeals may only be sought during the 45-day appeal period in the county. The appeal period begins on from the date of the individuals' Annual Notice of Assessment. 
  • The appeal period applies to both personal real estate as well as commercial real estate.
  • The appeals process in Gwinnett County is electronic. The first step is to electronically complete a Residential or Commercial, Real Estate Property Appeal form. Those who do not have access to technology can complete and submit the form via the post office. 
  • After the appeal form has been submitted, residents can track the progress of the appeal evaluation online. When complete, they will receive notice from the Board of Assessor's decision regarding their property taxes.
  • Once the decision has been received, Gwinnett County residents can accept or reject any amended value, or they can submit an appeal to the decision and go to the second level of appeal.

Property Tax Appeal Tips in Gwinnett County

Residents in Gwinnett County may find these tips useful when they are filing to appeal property tax for residential or commercial property:

  • Prior to filing an appeal, thoroughly review the tax assessment letter for the current year. Consider the benefits or disadvantages of filing an appeal. Only proceed with the appeal if the property tax savings will be worthwhile.
  • Hire a professional to assist you with the appeals process. The process can be lengthy and time-consuming, so it is best to hire a real estate services firm to guide you throughout the entire process.
  • Work with a real estate services team that understands your local area. It is best to hire a real estate tax services firm that is based in or near Gwinnett County.

Given the limited amount of time that residents have to file a property tax appeal in Gwinnett County, it is important to start on the process as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how to appeal property tax for residential or commercial property in Gwinnett County.

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