An Overview of the Board of Assessment Appeals in Cobb County

Posted by Daniel Jones on Oct 18, 2021 2:03:00 PM

In the event that you receive an assessment notice in Cobb County with a value for your property that you feel is too high, you can absolutely file an appeal both online or in person. There are, however, a number of important things you'll want to understand before you do. 


Your Home, Your Tax Bill and Your Rights in Cobb County

In certain situations, you may notice that the value on your annual assessment doesn't go up but your tax bill does. This is because in Cobb County, tax bills can always increase if the millage rates go up over a given period. Therefore, if you think this alone is grounds for an appeal, you would definitely be incorrect in that assumption.

When filling out the appeal form with the Cobb County Board of Assessment Appeals, you'll want to be as detailed as you possibly can. This is especially true when it comes to specifying your grounds for appeal. Options include not only value but also uniformity, taxability, an exemption denial that you feel was unwarranted, breach of covenant or denial of covenant.

You'll also need to specify exactly which appeal route that you're taking. If you appeal directly to the Cobb County Board of Equalization, you will be able to do so on any and all of the aforementioned grounds. Additional options include arbitration, meeting with a hearing officer and appealing directly to the Superior Court - although additional costs and fees may apply.

Likewise, when it comes to arbitration, valuation is the only grounds you can appeal on. Going through a hearing officer is only an option for non-homestead real property. If you want to appeal directly to the Superior Court, it will require the consent of the Board of Assessment Appeals before you are able to do so. 

Working with the Board of Assessment Appeals in Cobb County is never something that you should do on your own - if only because there are a lot of parts of this process that are easy to "get wrong." You only have one shot to make your appeal and if you don't do it in just the right way, it could easily be denied. That's why you're always encouraged to enlist the help of a team of professionals like those at Fair Assessments to do so for you - that way you can achieve the best possible outcome with as little stress as possible.

To get more information about working with the Board of Assessment Appeals in Cobb County, or to get answers to any other important questions you may have, please don't delay - contact Fair Assessments today. 

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