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What Information Should I Provide to the Tax Assessors?

Posted by Daniel Jones on Wed, Feb 22, 2012 @ 02 PM

In some States you have to provide all of your supporting evidence with your initial appeal. In other states all you have to do is send in a letter stating that you want to appeal your value. This may even vary by county in some states. Check with your local assessor's office to find out if you have to provide all evidence up front. If this is a requirement then you should be able to request all information that the assessor's office is using to appraise your property. It's only fair.

In Georgia there is no requirement that you supply your supporting information with your appeal. As a matter of fact the State of Georgia has an appeal form that can be used and there is no requirement that you attach anything to it. If you do not supply information with your appeal you will probably end up at the Board of Equalization, because the assessors will not change your value unless you give them a reason.

I always recommend that if you want to give the assessors information in the hope that they will reduce your value, only give them some of your information, if possible. That way you have some evidence to present at the Board of Equalization that the county appraiser hasn't had a chance to prepare a case against. Too often the appellant provides information to the assessors, gets no relief, and then goes to the BOE to argue against someone that has had months to prepare a case against them.

Remember that given the state of housing in particular and real estate in general there are a lot of appeals going on. The county appraisers have very little time to consider anything you send to them. But they will be under pressure to resolve as many appeals as quickly as possible so it may pay to include some good information in your appeal that supports a lower value. For more information or assistance with your property tax appeals contact FairAssessments.com