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DeKalb County Tax Assessment

DeKalb Seal

The DeKalb County tax assessment notices are out and dated May 29, 2012. The deadline to appeal your 2012 value is July 13, 2012. The tax amount at the bottom of the notice is an estimate based on the 2011 tax rate and is subject to change. The DeKalb County tax assessment notice, as is the case with all Georgia assessment notices, is not a bill.

Cobb County Property Tax Assessor

Cobb County Property Tax

There is just over a week remaining to appeal your commercial Cobb County property tax assessments. The Cobb County property tax assessors took the first opportunity to increase values in several years to heart and jacked up a lot of commercial values. I have filed appeals on commercial values that have increases as high as 115%!

DeKalb County Tax Assessment

DeKalb County tax assessment

 DeKalb County tax assessments will be mailed on May 29th according to a report by the AJC. This will make the tax assessment appeal deadline July 13th. The DeKalb County Tax Assessment office reports that values (assessments) dropped six percent for the 2012 tax year. There continues to be value weakness throughout the Atlanta metro area. 

Fulton County Board of Equalization


Georgia Property Tax Assessment

Georgia property tax appeals

The Georgia property tax assessment season is now well under way with many metro Atlanta county tax assessment notices already out. First out of the gate was Gwinnett County with an appeal deadline of May 21. Next came Cobb County with an appeal deadline of June 4. Last week Hall County mailed tax assessment notices with a deadline of June 11. Fulton County is expected to mail notices some time this month, as is DeKalb County.

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