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Cobb County Tax Assessment

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The Cobb County Tax assessment notices were mailed on Friday, April 20 with an appeal deadline of June 4, 2012. My first phone calls were from commercial property owners that had large increases in assessed values. I was told by the County that the values are based on a new revaluation by the Cobb County tax assessment office. They said that they haven't had a revaluation since 2008 because the Georgia General Assembly placed a three year moratorium on assessment increases.

Gwinnett County Tax Assessment

Gwinnett County property appraiser

Gwinnett County tax assessment notices apparently went out without a hitch this year as I have seen nothing on their website or in the media to indicate otherwise. All of the residential and commercial Gwinnett County tax assessment notices were to be sent on April 6 and based on all of the Gwinnett County tax assessment notices that I have received, that is the date they went out. The deadline to appeal tax assessments in Georgia is now uniformly 45 days after the tax assessment notice date, State-wide. That makes the deadline to appeal Gwinnett County tax assessment notices May 21, 2012.

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