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Fulton County Tax Bill Errors

Fulton County Tax

Attention Fulton County Taxpayer! The Fulton County Tax Commissioner's office has mailed incorrect tax bills. It's not that the taxable value is wrong, or the tax rate. It's the calculation of the taxable value by the tax rate that is incorrect on many tax bills. Of course, the mistake tends to increase the amount of property tax that is due. 

Fulton County Tax Assessors 2014

Fulton County Tax Assessors

The Fulton County Board of Tax Assessors have, apparently, sent their 2014 property tax assessment notices. I say apparently because we had been hearing that the notices would be dated June 6, and mailed on June 6. However, a client in Marietta has received a 2014 tax assessment notice from the Fulton County Assessors today. Which means the notice was probably mailed yesterday, the 4th. The notice however, is dated TOMORROW June 6. 

DeKalb County Tax Assessor 2014 Notices

DeKalb County Tax Assessment

The Dekalb County Tax Assessor sent real estate assessment notices on May 30, 2014. In Georgia you have 45 days to appeal your assessment and that makes the deadline to file July 14, 2014. Here you can access the Georgia Appeal of Assessment form.

How to Find the Right Property Tax Consultants

property tax consultant

You may think that your accountant has all of your tax preparation needs covered for you. However, if you own your home, a boat, an airplane, or any other piece of large property that can be taxed, you may need to talk with someone who specializes in property taxes. Property tax consultants can help taxpayers in a number of ways.

Atlanta Real Estate | Atlanta Warehouse Values

Warehouse tax appeals

2013 was a strong year for the Atlanta warehouse market on most metrics. While you might be seeing this in the performance of your building, you aren't the only one. The Atlanta GA tax assessors track the market just like you and, when they see strong performance, they are more likely to raise property values. Higher property values mean higher tax bills from the Atlanta GA tax assessors for you to pay or for your tenants to have to cover through their CAMs.

Get Lower Property Taxes in Georgia

bigstock Georgia State Capitol Building 2833082 (2) resized 600

No one wants to pay high property taxes. Then again, no one wants to live somewhere with low property values. You want to purchase your home at a low price, watch the area improve, make improvements to your home, and then sell it at a higher value than you bought it.

Atlanta Real Estate | Atlanta Office Values

Buckhead Atlanta GA

When the Atlanta GA tax assessors determine the value of your office building for property tax purposes, their decisions are largely based on the specifics of your building and on the state of the market. Usually, their estimate of your property's value assumes that its value moves in the same direction as the greater Atlanta market. With this in mind, the key to managing your property assessment is to understand the broader market. That way, you can better gauge how your property's performance compares.

Atlanta Real Estate | Atlanta Apartment Values

Atlanta Apartment Values

The Atlanta apartment market, much like the national market, capped off its strong 2012 performance with a strong 2013. Whether or not you are experiencing the growth in your property, the Atlanta GA tax assessor sees these numbers and will use them as a part of projecting what your property's tax value should be. If you're performing at-market, a small tax increase could simply track the increased vale of your building. However, if you aren't doing the same as your neighbors, the Atlanta GA tax assessors could end up overvaluing your building and leaving you with an unreasonably high tax bill. The first step in determining if this is the case is to compare your property to the market as a whole.

Tips for Getting a Property Tax Reduction

Property Tax Appeal resized 600

Your property taxes are assessed every year, based on such elements as your property’s market value, your neighborhood, schools and parks near you, and your curb appeal. In a perfect world, you’d have a beautiful home with a very high property value, great curb appeal, and a safe and welcoming neighborhood, and you’d have low property taxes, too.

Know Your Georgia Property Tax Laws

Georgia property tax resized 600

If you live in Georgia, and you own property, you’re going to be paying Georgia property tax. You’re probably also going to have some questions about how these taxes work, when they’re due, if you can appeal yours, and when you might be exempt or able to get a deferment.

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